Metronor AS

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Øyvind Røtvold


+47 66 98 38 00


+47 90 02 42 70


Fekjan 13, N-1394 Nesbru, Norway

For more than 25 years, Metronor AS has been developing precision measurement systems for geometry. These systems are based on electro-optics and can be industrial, military or medical.

For the medical field, Metronor develop and manufacture high-precision navigation systems.

Some of the applications are orthopedic procedures – such as precisely achieving the planned positioning for hip implants – and guidance for highly focussed radiation treatment – like proton radiation.

Our systems are available as OEM solutions, so they can be easily integrated into total treatment systems. They are compatible with any guidance and surgical planning software solution.

Currently being applied in surgical hospitals and radiation treatment facilities, Metronor add precision guidance to your current surgical procedures. Our technology adds instant surgical quality improvement – eliminates misalignments, reduces revision surgery, improves implant life expectancy, improves the performance of inexperienced surgeons.