The 16th National Conference on Health Economy–BioCon Valley

03 - 04 juni
09:00 - 17:00

Rostock, Germany plus Digital (Hybrid)

National Conference on Health Economy // Biocon Valley

Online/Rostock, 3-4 June 2021

The National Conference on Health Economy, which usually attracts over 700 decision-makers from business, politics, and science to Rostock-Warnemünde, is planned as a hybrid congress for the first time. This year’s conference will thus combine the best of face-to-face and digital events.

The focus of the 16th National Conference on Health Economy 2021 will be on crisis management, climate change and sustainability. Together with the international partner Israel, one of the questions to be discussed is how digital technologies and artificial intelligence can improve medical care and what lessons can be learned from the pandemic, for example in emergency care. The conference participants will discuss what impact climate change has on health and what new challenges result for the healthcare industry. In addition, there will be informative sessions and contributions about the areas of «Personnel – Work – Professions» and «Start-ups – Young Professionals – Research Promotion» in the context of the health economy.

Official website: https://www.konferenz-gesundheitswirtschaft.de/en/

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