Ostomycure AS

Contact person

Hennings Mork


+47 22 95 82 75


Gaustadalléen 21, 0349 Oslo

OstomyCure AS is a Medical Technology company with headquarters in Oslo, Norway. The company has developed a revolutionary technology called Transcutaneous Implant Evacuation Solution, the TIES Solution.

The TIES Continent Ileostomy Solution is a titanium implant solution with lid intended to replace a conventional ileostomy. It allows a more carefree life for patients who suffer from inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn´s disease, Ulcerative colitis, cancers or other related diseases that necessitate removal of the colon (large intestine).

The TIES Solution is the result of several years of research combined with the latest 3D manufacturing technology. It has been developed and manufactured in accordance with regulatory standards to ensure patient safety.

The company was awarded the certification ISO 13485 Quality Management System for Medical Devices in 2011.

The TIES System received CE marking in June 2016. Currently a large 200 patients trial is ongoing to gather more clinical data on performance, quality of life.

OstomyCure addresses a market estimated at USD 2 billion per year.