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Tom Austad


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+47 90 58 15 48





Oculaudio is a Hearing aid with 16 microphones, adaptive beamforming and acoustical self adapted ear buds – comes in a sophisticated design that has removed all the stigma of a hearing aid as today.

Oculaudio develops a new, modern, sophisticated, and intuitive “hearing aid” solution that is conceptually different from conventional hearing aids and a significantly improved hearing experience for the user.

We are making a solution with hearing-aid built into eyeglasses with external ear pods that will help those who experience that their hearing loss impact their daily life, and that are looking for something better and different than what they find in the market today. We are reducing their experience of fatigue and exclusion in social interactions. Our product will increase people’s daily life quality, with low barrier to purchase and easy adaption.

With 3 patents filed and the forth patent application in pipeline – the Oculaudio breaking through-concept has already made a great international attention.