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Grasp AS is a private owned, digital Med-Tech company who is focusing on development, production and distribution of an innovative digital device within the healthcare industry. Mental health and mental health issues carries the biggest health care challenge of our time. This area has been neglected for a long period of time and in the same period more and more of us experiences mental health issues. The innovation rate in mental health is low, and there are few or non devices to support those who experiences mental health issues. 

Grasp will change this. 

Grasp enables you to squeeze what you experience when the experience occur independently from anything else. You can use Grasp to log experiences like stress, fear, anxiety, sorrow, shortness og breath, pain, dizziness, hunger, withdrawal, but also happiness and motivation. Using Grasp is easy – just squeeze your experiences. Grasp will remembers when you squeezed, for how long and the strength in your squeeze. Grasp takes care of your experiences and displays them to you whenever you want to see them.   

Grasp will assist you in three different ways:

Supportive in use – Grasp is supporting your experiences and causes you to be aware of your feelings. You may feel it relieving to transfer your emotions to Grasp, which takes care of your experiences.

Insight into your situation – Grasp visualizes all your squeezes – mirroring your experiences. When displayed, you are able to gain insight into how past hours, days and weeks actually have been. This in turn enables a better understanding of yourself.

Acceptance and understanding – Gaining insight into your own situation is a key factor in making others to understand it. When you squeeze Grasp, you may communicate your subjective experiences for others to understand. That is if you permit them access to your Grasp log. This way Grasp may create and increase acceptance and understanding from others.

The Grasp device is a digital silicon stone with a unique user interface and design. The Grasp service consist of a special analytical device with an advanced software and infrastructure. You bring with you the device wherever you go and you squeeze Grasp as a response to your experiences. Every squeeze will be logged. When you are ready you can upload your data to the analytic device and all your squeezes will be visualized. This will give you an uniq insight and understanding and enable you to look for special occurrences, tendencies and coherences.