EXACT Therapeutics

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Per Walday


Østre Aker vei 19 0581 Oslo Norway





EXACT Therapeutics AS (“EXACT-Tx”) is a clinical stage Norwegian biotech company developing a technology platform for targeted therapeutic enhancement – Acoustic Cluster Therapy (ACT®). ACT® follows a unique approach to ultrasound-mediated, targeted drug enhancement – with the potential to significantly amplify the clinical utility of a wide range of therapeutic agents across a multitude of indications including within oncology (chemotherapy, immunotherapy), infectious diseases, and brain diseases.

ACT® is a proprietary formulation consisting of microbubbles and microdroplets that are activated through the application of ultrasound with the consequent increase in targeted delivery of a co-administered therapeutic agent.

ACT® is supported by a strong and broad preclinical package demonstrating therapeutic enhancement in multiple oncology models (pancreatic, breast, colon, prostate) as well as blood-brain barrier penetration.

Initial focus of the Company is in oncology, however the ACT® platform has potential across therapeutic areas (infectious diseases, CNS, immunotherapy) and product classes.