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Per Sontum


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Phoenix Solutions AS is a Norwegian biotech company spun out from GE Healthcare in 2013, currently developing a technology platform for targeted drug delivery – Acoustic Cluster Therapy.

ACT is a unique approach to ultrasound (US) mediated, targeted drug delivery – capable of enhancing significantly the clinical utility of a wide range of therapeutic molecules and nano-drugs for a wide range of clinical indications.

ACT`s primary mode of action is in defeating the vascular barrier and enhancing extravasation for greater distribution and uptake of a co-administered drug to the targeted tissue, with resulting increased efficacy and/or reduction in toxicity.

ACT is a physical approach all together and rests on the interaction between US and a unique formulation enabling in situgeneration and local deposition microbubbles in targeted tissues. All constituents in the ACT formulation are chemically and biologically inert; there`s no active biochemistry and no metabolism involved – the technology rests fully on the generation of biomechanical effects in the vascular compartment.

ACT is generally indicated towards diseases where current clinical practice treats known, localized pathologies (e.g. solid tumours) with medicinal therapy, and where Standard of Care is being limited from an inability to deliver sufficiently high concentrations of drug to the target site without excessive systemic toxicity.

Phoenix is currently focusing on the oncology segment, looking in particular at pancreatic, liver, triple negative breast and prostate cancers. Other medicinal segments, such as diseases in the CNS and inflammation are also being explored.