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Fall prevention for hospitals, harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and radar technology.

QUMEA is a digital health company that has developed an intelligent early warning system for hospitals and care institutions. Our innovative solution seamlessly integrates with the hospital environment, providing real-time monitoring and communication with caregivers.

The QUMEA system is composed of three main components: our radar-based sensor, cloud, and app. The sensor’s unmatched sensitivity and accuracy can detect human motions in real-time, without any invasion of privacy. Our AI technology can identify critical events such as bed exits, falls, and sudden restlessness and instantly alert caregivers via our user-friendly app.

Patient falls are a significant concern in care institutions, with about 37 million incidents each year. However, QUMEA has led to a remarkable reduction in falls, with an average reduction of over 60% and a more than 20% reduction in the amount of care effort required.

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering ensures that clients only pay for what they use, and empty beds and disabled functions do not incur any costs. Moreover, our typical Return on Investment (ROI) is less than three months.

The QUMEA system is already being used in over 70 institutions in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Spain and Australia.