Webinar: E-Health Solutions for enabling ageing in place – The SMILE digital solutions catalogue

28 May
15:00 - 16:00


Following our joint policy webinars with the International Federation on Ageing (IFA), we are now organising a webinar to present our SMILE Digital Solutions Catalogue. This is a unique catalogue that consists of 32 digital and eHealth solutions developed by SMEs external to the consortium and can be used as a reference point for innovative solutions in the field remote/ connected care.

With this webinar, we want to help these eHealth solutions become more widely known so that a broader audience, for example, policy makers, professionals in health and social care, tech people, service managers, and researchers, can discover and engage further with them to improve elderly care and the follow-up of patients.

Join us at this online event to hear more about our catalogue and watch presentations from several solutions providers. They will explain their motivation, vision, collaboration needs, and other support needed to grow and accelerate their journey to the market and toward societal impact.

Attendance is open to anyone with interest in digital innovations that can provide better ways of independent living for older people, as well as timely care and assistance when needed at home.

You can visit the catalogue and contact any of the solution providers through the SMILE website HERE.


  • Sverre Bergh, SMILE project coordinator, Innlandet Hospital Trust
  • Jens Branebjerg, Director, BRANE
  • Roald Kvam, Chief Business Development Officer, Motitech AS
  • Robert Huber, Easierphone project coordinator, Pappy GmbH
  • Nirtal Shah, CEO, Curovate


  • Theologos Xenakis, Norway Health Tech
  • Edit Sebestyén, Health ClusterNet


The SMart Inclusive Living Environments (SMILE) project, led by a consortium of 13 partners from the EU and Canada, is a collaborative effort to support ‘ageing in place’ for older adults with severe health conditions.

Within our living labs, we actively engaged senior citizens, particularly those with COPD, dementia, or in post-surgery recovery, to comprehensively understand their unique needs and preferences for in-home care. As a result, we provide collaboratively developed SMILE digital technology and other e-health solutions embedded in Smart Inclusive Living Environments, specifically tailored to address the challenges frail older people face daily.

In the final phase of our project, we place significant emphasis on maximising the use of the project’s results. This means, among other things, sharing the project’s policy implications, disseminating our findings widely, and facilitating their practical application. This webinar is a part of this effort, and it will be recorded so that it can be accessible through the SMILE project website.

The SMILE project has received funding by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program (Grant Agreement number 101016848), and is also supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).