Team Norway; Innovation Norway together with Norway Health Tech, Norwegian Smart Care Cluster  and The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Sweden, offers Norwegian companies a stand at a joint Norwegian pavilion during this year’s Vitalis. The pavilion is organized as an “open stand” with a mingling area in the middle, and you can either choose between a shared space or your own dedicated space at the pavilion. In both cases, you will arrive to a ready set-up space with your logo on it, a pavilion with an inviting design and a good location in the exhibition area.

  • Stand package 1: Shared space with one other company, NOK 13 500 (incl. VAT)
    • Two companies share a counter, and both company logos are profiled in front of the counter. Option to bring a tablet/PC, brochure and smaller giveaways.
  • Stand package 2: Own dedicated space in the pavilion, NOK 18 500 (incl. VAT)
    • You get a separate counter on the stand with your company logo profiled in front of the counter. You have the opportunity to bring a tablet/PC, brochures, smaller giveaways and smaller devices.

Also included in the stand package are:

  • Access to a meeting room that can be booked for private meetings. Distribution of time slots will be coordinated by Team Norway.
  • Opportunity to participate in Vitalis eHealth Matchmaking at no extra cost.
  • Invitation and priority place to participate in specific activities organized by Team Norway in connection with Vitalis. Depending on the activity, it will be free or at small cost.

Event partners: Innovation Norway (organizer), Norway Health Tech, Norwegian Smart Care Cluster and the Norwegian embassy in Sweden