Visiting Minneapolis with the Norwegian ecosystem in health

31 May - 02 June

Minnesota, USA

Norway and Medical Alley Minnesota

  • Future and virtual hospitals and digital home monitoring

Vibrant Norwegian health tech innovators are developing and producing digital solutions looking outside of Norway for exploring foreign markets.

Norway has numerous companies delivering innovative digital health, e-health and medtech solutions, by using cutting edge technologies. These solutions can contribute to more efficient and economic sustainable healthcare systems, in Norway as in the USA.


The US is one of the most interesting markets for Norwegian health tech companies. To help companies to understand, build knowledge and meet right partners in the US health market(s), we are looking towards a delegation trip in June 2023 with Norwegian companies, health institutions and universities, from different parts of Norway. The delegation will meet interested and similar partners from the US side, hence hospitals, care homes, private companies, universities and so forth.


Why visiting Minnesota: Every second, two people have their lives improved because of medical technology from Minnesota. Minnesota medical companies receive PMA 6 months faster than companies based elsewhere in the US. Minnesota technology is never more than a meter from nearly everyone on earth(!). With the Mayo Clinic being named the best smart hospital in the world for 2023, Minnesota and the US sets an example that is highly relevant to learn from.


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USA Next-project – funded by Viken fylkeskommune