Startup governance – a pragmatic view on some hiccups every entrepreneur should know about!

01 December
09:00 - 12:00


As an entrepreneur, have you found yourself running from one obstacle to another? Uncertain on how to run your startup? We’ve invited Masha Strømme, an investor and mentor for early-stage biotech companies, to talk about what makes a good foundation for your small company to deliver and grow.

Entrepreneurs are do-ers, bright people with great mentality and agility. And while these are key ingredients for success, you can’t plan for everything, you don’t know everything, and you cannot learn everything on your own.

So, what about learning from the mistakes others have made? Being aware of what might happen allows you to build a plan and prioritize, and this will translate into value for your company that investors and future partners will welcome.

Our expert speaker, Masha, is an advisor at Norway Health Tech and runs a family office with a focus on biotech investments; she has over a decade of investing in and mentoring startups and has seen a lot of missteps which could have been avoided. She comes to share her experience on the most prevalent governance problems startups face while scaling and how to address them. Based on her real experience!
We will start at 9:00 and run until about 12:00 (with a break at 10:20 – 10:30), covering the following topics:

1. Being a founder

a. Being an owner
b. Bringing the right investors on board
c. Building and incentivizing a team around the founder

2. Working with a board

a. Why do you need a board?
b. Composition and recruitment and incentivizing the board
c. Regulating relationship with the board

3. Scaling a company

a. Internal processes (HR, expenditure, accounting,…)
b. recruitment

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Masha Strømme

Co-Chair - PAACS Invest