National Promotion Day in Shanghai, China in May

14 - 17 May
09:00 - 17:00

Shanghai, China

Reed Pharma is the organizer of China Medical Equipment Fair that is taking place in Shanghai 14-17 May. They are organizing a new concept this year called National Promotion Day.

The concept is that each country will host a half day workshop to promote their medical technologies and products, and the organizer would like to invite some key and interesting speakers from Norway to present our new art-of-state technologies and also the policies for supporting healthcare innovation and development.

The Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai and Innovation Norway assume they will cover the cost for such a half day, together with being a host of a networking reception, and organize some relevant site visits.

The dates are not perfect for Norwegians, but hopefully the National Promotion Day could happen 15 May, and Norwegian participants could return to Norway 16 May in time for the 17th.

The big question is if this study/networking/presentation tour would be of interest to our members? We have to get back to Shanghai/China with names of the companies interested before February 15.

Please get in touch with Trine Radmann before 14 February if interested.

Happy Chinese Pig Year!