How to pitch for investors on digital platforms?

22 October
09:00 - 10:00


The pandemic has made it impossible to get face-to-face with investors, everything has to be done digitally. Join this practical webinar to learn what the investors are looking for and what mistakes to avoid. Get practical info that you can use right away!

You can see the recording of the webinar HERE

There are so many mistakes to be made when presenting your company digitally. How you perform, how you get your point accross, to what you are wearing and what backdrop you chose – all important if you want to succeed.

Together with Geelmuyden-Kiese we invite you to a webinar where you will hear from experts what to do. To kick it off is our head of investor relations, Jeremy McCrohan who will give you a short introduction to the investor network.

Then we give the floor to Line Schartum, who is an expert in investor relations and has previously worked with investor communication in Aker Solutions. After that we will get to the very practical part. Maria Nakken is a former NRK journalist and has trained many in presentation techniqe and pitching.

To tie it together is moderator Anita Moe Larsen.

Please set a side one hour to get inspiration on how to improve your investor communication.




Line Schartum

Advisor - Geelmuyden-Kiese


Maria Nakken

Junior partner & senior client director - Geelmuyden-Kiese


Jeremy McCrohan

Head of Investor Relations


Geir Ove Harnes



Anita Moe Larsen

Head of Communication - Norway Health Tech


Documents and presentations

Ti bud for investorkommunikasjon

Presentasjon av Line Schartum Ringheim fra GK

Hvordan pitche digitalt?

Presentasjon av Maria Nakken fra GK