DMEA Connecting Digital Health

25 - 27 April
10:00 - 16:00

Berlin (Germany)

Join Norway Health Tech and  Norwegian Smart Care Cluster  at DMEA 2023, Connecting Digital Health. This is one of Europe’s most important events for digital health, from 25th to the 27th of April in the Messe Berlin exhibition halls. This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the international health tech scene.

Norway Health Tech, in collaboration with Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, is hosting a Norwegian shared exhibition space at DMEA 2023.

We are located in Hall 1.2, stand E 115


Exhibitors in alphabetical order:


Dossier Digital competence platform for healthcare. Works for every department.
One dashboard for all learning. Integrate all learning systems and knowledge sources.

  • Nurse onboarding.
  • Clinical skills checklists
  • Mandatory training
  • Compliance reporting



Fornix works with making anxiety treatment more efficient and available.

At Fornix, we develop software for Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) and enable exposure therapy to be conducted in a virtual environment, thus bringing the world into the therapy room.  

This allows the patient to experience simulated, real-life anxiety-provoking scenarios in a safe, controlled, and engaging manner. We offer a wide range of VR applications for specific phobias, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, and odontophobia, as well as for reducing symptomatology related to anxiety in psychotic disorders. All our applications are developed and tested in partnership with academia and specialist health services in Norway. Furthermore, our solutions have already been procured by several actors in the Norwegian public health space, including health trusts and eleven out of twelve student welfare organizations in Norway, providing welfare services to 240 000 students. 


Lek deg frisk

Lek deg frisk offers cognitive and physical rehabilitation software:

Is CE certified as medical equipment.

Has clinical validation and is mentioned in scientific publications.

Provides variety, quantity and quality of exercises.

Has activities that can be adapted to each individual patient.

Easy to handle and works smoothly.

Includes automatic reports.

Updated and improved continuously.

We use gamification in our 260+ exercises to make it motivating for users.

Microsoft Health Innovation Awards winner 2015



Lifeness is a two-way digital hub for lifestyle intervention, based on research, developed by, with and for healthcare personnel and patients.

For healthcare professionals it is a digital assistant that simplifies follow-up and treatment, and provides a quick overview of all patients and insight into the individual. All communication, information and data are collected in one place. For the patient, it is a self-help app that enables more autonomy, provides increased motivation and easier communication. All data can be collected and used for rapports and research.



Trusted software services for Healthcare

Uniguest is a global leader in providing connected technology solutions to enable those in key verticals including healthcare to engage with their audiences. We promote on-site amenities through our digital engagement platform providing interactive maps, important facility updates, physician directories, event directories, class directories, and cafeteria menus through our digital signage solutions and can deliver entertainment content to waiting rooms and to patient beds via our world-class interactive IPTV platform.The Uniguest platform also helps to augment staff capabilities by providing live, real-time information to patients and visitors allowing them to focus on their number one objective; patient care.



Picterus is committed to improving jaundice care worldwide.

Picterus is committed to improving jaundice care worldwide. We have developed a smartphone-based tool for accurate screening of neonatal jaundice. Jaundice is a major cause for hospital readmission of new-borns, but most cases do not require treatment. At home jaundice screening will reduce the strain on the healthcare system by avoiding unnecessary trips for new-borns back into hospitals. Improved access to jaundice screening will ensure that severe jaundice is detected as early as possible, so the start of treatment is not delayed. With Picterus JP we aim to provide reliable, accessible jaundice screening by anyone, anywhere. 


World of Doctors by Norsk Helseportal

Norsk Helseportal (norskhelseportal.no) is an online community platform for medical doctors in Norway. We are now doing a scale up in Germany under the name “World of Doctors” (wodo.org). Wodo – World of Doctors Germany – YouTube

The purpose of the network is to improve the medical doctor’s efficiency on non-patient related tasks. This is done by tools interacting to create synergy and efficiency.

This includes logistic tools for:

• Knowledge sharing

• Administration

• Communication

• Career developing

• Commercial purposes (marketplace, loyalty programs and more)

The platform is free to use for medical doctors.


Organisers, partners, financers

Norway Health Tech

Norway Health Tech has a vision of making Norway the world’s best arena for health innovation. We are a non-for-profit member organization with close to 270 members in our base – representing the full value chain of healthcare. We address all areas of human health – with an eye for technology. We will provide better healthcare solutions for all, through the dissemination of innovative solutions that answer to unmet medical needs, cross-sector cooperation, and ensure that our members have the best contacts and relationships of relevant stakeholders in the global ecosystem.


Norwegian Smart Care Cluster

Norwegian Smart Care Cluster (NSCC) is a national and international
collaboration hub for companies, healthcare providers, R&D
institutions, and financials players. Our focus is transformation,
innovation, research, commercialization and internationalization of
products and services within digital health and welfare technology.


German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce

Since 1986, the Norwegian-German Chamber of Commerce has worked for increased trade, business cooperation and exchange of experience between Norway and Germany. Norwegian and German companies complement each other in many areas. Our vision is to be a natural partner for export-oriented companies and ensure that our customers and members benefit from the cooperation potential between the countries.

Stiftelsen Teknologiformidling

For sustainable value creation in Norway.

The Technology Communication Foundation has the whole of Norway as its main area. The foundation supports small and medium-sized enterprises through partial financing of improvement activities. The purpose is for the foundation’s funds to be useful and to promote technological development in Norwegian business.

Official DMEA 2023 Website 

Your contact persons in Norway Health Tech:

Trine Radmann, Head of International Affairs: trine.radmann@norwayhealthtech.com

Irene Chelliah, Medical and International Advisor: irene.chelliah@norwayhealthtech.com


The Market Access Programme Germany and connected activities (like this one) are funded by Stiftelsen Teknologiformidling.





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