Brexit: What changes and how to handle challenges for Norwegian healthcare companies

03 June
13:00 - 14:30


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Since leaving the European Union, Great Britain has introduced some changes concerning the placing of medical devices on the UK market. These changes will have an impact on medical devices already registered in the UK as well as new manufacturers wanting to break into the UK market.

One year has passed since the close relationship in free movement between the UK and the EU/EEA ended. Months have passed with new regulations in place, specifically relevant for export/import of healthcare related products and services. Brexit means significant differences to some of the industries, scaling into United Kingdom. This 90 minute session on the direct consequences of Brexit will go through:

  • What Brexit might mean when talking about changes before and after to sell in the UK, for Norwegian medtech to enter Britain
  • How to approach the UK market in these uncertain times, the best possible way
  • The applicable regulations once the grace period is ending. The specific British regulatory requirements on top of CE marked according to MDD/MDR
  • How to register your product for sale in the UK (“Medical Device Register”)
  • The UKCA Mark, UK Conformity Assessed marking/labeling, with implications

Target group:
All Norway Health Tech members and Norwegian healthcare companies looking for guidance on placing devices in the UK market, specifically for manufacturers looking for information on the regulation changes after Brexit.


  • Janette Benaddi
  • Trine Radmann
  • Kami Faust

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Janette Benaddi

Consultant - https://www.obelis.net/


Trine Radmann

Head of International Affairs


Kami Faust

Regulatory Advisor - Norway Health Tech