Launch: Healthcare High Potential Opportunity and DHNY in New York

19 - 21 september
00:00 - 00:00

New York

The growth of digital health in New York has skyrocketed and the city has become the de facto centre of healthcare innovation. 

Innovation Norway is launch, in the US, the Healthcare High Potential Opportunity (HPO) during the week of the UN General Assembly. USA next and Innovation Norway would like to invite Norwegian companies to join us for the launch event, as well as attending the exclusive Digital Health New York Annual Summit.  

What is the HPO? 

Innovation Norway is currently planning to host an event in partnership with the consulate in NYC on September 20th to announce the HPO and invite ecosystem partners to celebrate this new opportunity. They are also planning to have a VIP from Norway to join the event and interact with companies. 


On September 21st, companies are invited to join the Digital Health New York Summit. There is a price per ticket, but the event is invite only with attendance from investors, health systems and more. It will be a great event for companies to explore the US market or build up further connections with stakeholders within the ecosystem.  


John Vislosky, Innovation Norway’s new Senior Advisor for Health Tech in the US is happy to answer any questions you may have around the HPO launch and the summit. Please reach out to john.vislosky@innovationnorway.no. For other inquires please contact Head of International Affairs Trine.radmann@norwayhealthtech.com or International Advisor Lucie.Meltzer@norwayhealthtech.com 

If you are interested in the event, please register your interest in the link below.