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Viking Arm Medical AS (VAM) is developing a novel, patent pending, sternal retractor with unique features that are expected to perform better than existing solutions. A sternal retractor is specifically designed to separate the chest in thoracic surgery. Self-retaining retractors are used as standard equipment to provide surgeons access to operate thus playing a crucial role in surgery. Today’s design varies in size and shape, but design development has been minimal since its introduction approximately 85 years ago.

VAM is developing a modern-day sternal retractor to improve the experience of the market’s current century-old solution. VAM retractor is a technology platform with the flexibility to alter its configuration specific to patient requirements and specific surgeries. The VAM retractor has the potential to be modified for several alternative applications beyond traditional cardiac surgery.

VAM retractor has clear advantages obtained with ease of operation, superior functionality, and quick release. Beyond all necessary features in accordance with former technology, the VA Medical retractor is further improved regarding its ease to sterilize and operate, load control with a linear relationship between force exerted and retraction and lateral forces, fine-tuning of retraction distance, and control over retraction speed. With a new set of features, the VA Medical retractor simplifies and improves the retraction procedure. Thus, the VAM retractor outcompetes existing solutions by reducing the tissue stress and trauma caused by current retractor technology during cardiothoracic procedures.