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Anund Rannestad


+47 908 67 668


Forretningsadresse: Porselensvegen 14, 3920 Porsgrunn, Adresse Oslo: Lilleakerveien 16, Oslo, Messaninplan



Imatis is a leading provider of digital healthcare solutions to any type of healthcare organization. We endeavor to bring our customers and partners into the future of digital healthcare. Our solutions help bridge the gap between the silo-based, heavyweight clinical and administrative ICT systems and today’s lightweight technological reality, where mobility and accessibility are vital.

“Imatis offers game changing solutions for real-time clinical collaboration, enabling new care models for primary-, secondary- and home care”.

Doctors, nurses, patients, next of kin, support services (e.g cleaning, kitchen) and administrative personell are all connected through digital workspaces, with immediate access to real-time information pertaining to their individual work process and role. The result is increased efficiency, increased information quality, improved patient security and improved work environment.

The Imatis solutions has over 100.000 users and more than 100 running integrations to leagacy systems and sensors in more than 10 countries.