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+47 9124 2191





Airmine’s vision is to help people who are affected by pollen allergies. The company has strong competencies in environmental technologies and modelling – and a burning passion for creating great products that help our users in their everyday lives.

Airmine is entirely focusing on delivering real-time, data-driven pollen forecasts. During the development of a pollen forecasting model we realised that pollen forecasting is a very underserved field. Although pollen allergy affects 25-30% of the population, the technology used is largely the same as the one that was used at the end of World War II.

After getting very promising results from using satellite measurements for estimating pollen risk, Airmine is now delivering pollen modelling and pollen risk forecasts as a service.

Airmines game-changing technology enables pollen allergic people to better manage their everyday lives. Airmines capabilities serve both sustainable cities and communities, data driven digital marketing and personal healthcare, as well as helping pharma businesses, municipalities and media deliver targeted pollen awareness to their high-value audience.

Airmines technology is scalable for the global market, and based on our success and product-market fit in the Nordics.