NITO- Norges ingeniør- og teknologorganisasjon

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Heidi Andersen






Støperigata 1, 0225 Oslo

NITO – The Norwegian Society of Engineers and Technologists, stands as Norway’s largest trade union and organizes over 106.000 professionals within engineering and technology, including more than 9.000 members in the health and healthcare services.

NITO sees the potential for enhanced collaboration among municipal health authorities, the business sector, and specialized healthcare services to fortify Norwegian healthcare as a desirable partner for innovation. Our vision is to ensure that Norway meet the UN’s sustainable development goals, thereby contributing to global health and equitable access to healthcare for all.

Within the health and healthcare services, our membering professionals include biomedical scientists, medical technologists, orthopaedic engineers, perfusionists, radiographers, radiation therapists, biotechnologists, mechatronics engineers, ICT engineers, logistics engineers, and more.

In order to address future challenges within the healthcare sector, it is imperative to discover more efficient and intelligent methods of operation. NITO represents both those who utilize technology and those who contribute to its advancement, striving to underscore the significance of engineers and technologists across all tiers of healthcare services.

NITO serves as the conduit between technological advancement and its practical application within healthcare services. We prioritize innovation and quality assurance, with our members’ expertise playing a pivotal role in sculpting a resilient, forward-thinking healthcare sector. Our dedication to ongoing skill development and cross-disciplinary collaboration mirrors our commitment to smarter, more efficient healthcare services.