The United States

Norway Health Tech works continuously to provide Norwegian health tech companies guidance on how to commercialize and grow in the  North American health tech market.

Several of the programs consist of individual activities, based on a tailored program related to the different health businesses and manufacturers, suppliers and service providers.

Norway health Tech has very good connections and networks of American entry experts in Minnesota, Texas and Boston. These American expert helps companies with the set-up of

peer groups discussing regulatory options, reimbursement strategies, IPR, customers engagement, clinician interactions and the different landscape for each of the individual companies.

Excite International

EXCITE International is a global collaboration of key stakeholders, innovators/industry, regulators, payers, health systems, patients, scientists and end-users who are working together in the premarket space to change the paradigm of health technology innovation and adoption.

EXCITE International has built up a large international network of partners including among other US FDA, BlueCross (US), Kaiser Permanent (US) Health Canada, National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) UK and Department of Health UK and Ministry of Health Holland.

The EXCITE program can help startups succeed by doing the right things in terms of proof of concept and clinical trials to secure fast track and adoption of breakthrough medical technologies. The program is relevant for all companies that will be going through clinical trials for approval for the US or EU market. Going through the program will save money and time, and reduce your time to market – and ensure that you hit the market you are targeting, answering to the actual need.

It is also relevant for hospital management, decision makers in health – both public and private, as well as investor

Norway Health Tech runs different training and acceleration programs in the US in 2018. The cluster invites American experts and investors to meet members of the cluster in Oslo, and in the US. We make the doors into the US health market easier to understand and go through for Norwegian health tech companies.

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