Charlotte Bruun Piester

Charlotte has over 25 years of experience within the Life Science industry, which includes substantial insights from working within public and private healthcare markets around the globe.

She has held executive positions in global companies with responsibilities within S&M, pipeline management, business development, and headed global business units. Through this blend of experiences, she has developed a unique understanding and strong track-record in leading, heading and driving life science businesses and organisations. Her educational background is a combination of clinical and business experience and she holds a Master’s of Business Administration. Charlotte has been part of the build-up of four companies, her latest is Sinua Partners ApS. In addition, she sits on several boards and acts as chairperson for several life science companies.

Her inspirational talk in How to become an even more successful player in the field, will be linked to numerous real-life case studies on how life science companies successfully developed.

She recently published a book on MedTech marketing and Henrik Harboe, entrepreneur and medical doctor, says: “The unique feature of this book is the complete presentation of how MedTech products actually come to life, from idea to design, development, testing, documentation and through to marketing and success.”