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Vicotee AS

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Satvir Singh Parmar


+47 918 35 663

Regulatory Status

GDPR compliant

Vicotee AS – Norwegian technology company with own IoT, sensor and cloud solutions for Digitization initiatives like Smart Cities, Smart Health, Smart Industries, Smart buildings etc.

Vicotee is a rapidly growing technology company based in Norway – with electronics-, sensor-, cloud- and on premise solutions for the IoT and digital era.

Any sensor. Any Radio. Any cloud. Any sector.

100% Norwegian technology – for 100 % global challenges.

Vicotee Thermal Eye

As the COVID-19 situation hit the world, we turned around quickly and launched a Thermal Eye Fever Detection unit.

The unit is already installed at sites in Norway, Denmark, the US and shipments ready for Finland.

The unit replaces handheld IR thermo cameras at entry points and is at large put up in reception areas, at screening points next to antibacterial bottles.

The key point with our product is that it is accurate, without using camera technology that could compromise GDPR, yet at the same time one could track fever surges in areas where the detector is utilized.

This small teaser shows you how our Vicotee Thermal Eye Fever Detection Device can be used to screen for fever in people entering potential hot spots for pandemic outbreaks.