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Alanna Solberg

Regulatory Status

ISO 27001

Tellu is a leading provider of Connected Health and Care services to municipalities in Norway and Sweden. Through a merger with Telenor Norway e-health, we now offer a complete range of digital solutions including personal safety alarms and carephones, healthcare call centre, remote patient monitoring, electronic medicine dispensers, and digital supervision. Our ISO 27001 certified e-health platform TelluCloud  provides access to integrated, secure, and scalable services that ensure the highest level of security and comply with GDPR regulations.

Digital supervision from Tellu allows health personnel to monitor a patient’s wellbeing via camera, limiting the need for physical contact. This solution is currently deployed at a number of temporary treatment centers to monitor patients infected with Covid-19.

Digital Remote Monitoring from Tellu helps patients to take their own health measurements – such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels and temperature – from the comfort of their home.  The patient app has a questionnaire with predefined questions related to Covid-19 symptoms, so that health personnel can closely monitor a patient’s health status and take further action if necessary.