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Sonitor AS

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Sandra Rasmussen

Sonitor’s accurate and reliable ultrasound-based Sense™ RTLS technology, combined with a variety of best-in-class end user software applications, can help hospitals significantly minimize and control the spread of infections by providing real-time insights.

By being able to trace, monitor and record in real-time every contact and interaction that a patient has with staff, other visitors, other patients and specific mobile medical equipment, facilities can quickly pinpoint the people and assets that have been exposed to illness. This allows facilities to accurately track the path of the infection.

Sonitor’s Sense RTLS accurately and reliably keeps track of where a patient has been, who they’ve interacted with, what equipment they’ve been in contact with and, not only what rooms they’ve been in, but which bay or bed within that room. Sonitor’s powerful RTLS solution delivers the most accurate location and positioning data on the market down to room, bay, and bed level with significantly fewer devices than any other RTLS technologies.

How Does it Work?

  • Sonitor’s ultrasound-based RTLS infrastructure is installed in every patient room and throughout the rest of the facility to meet accuracy requirements (room, bay, bed and hallway bed).
  • Staff and patients are assigned unique, individual location badges that are worn on either clips (staff) or wristbands (patients).
  • Tags are affixed to assets (infusion pumps, wheelchairs, beds, etc.).
  • Unique, location-based ultrasound signals are sent from the infrastructure to the tags and badges.
  • As people and equipment with badges and tags move, their location is accurately tracked and monitored through Sonitor technology.
  • Because staff, patients, and equipment are tagged, every interaction based on location is captured and the path of infection is seamlessly and easily traced automatically.
  • Reports are generated through qualified third-party application software, providers that allow tracing to every person and piece of equipment that has been exposed to an illness.

The Ultimate Value

  • Accurately track the path of the outbreak
  • Effectively contain and reduce the spread of an infectious disease
  • Ensure fast response times
  • Improve clinical workflow
  • Reduce financial risk
  • Increase staff and patient safety