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Smart Crowding AS

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Rune Martinsen


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Regulatory Status

SmartCrowding does not require any certification or is not subject to any government approvals or certifications. The system does not contain any patient data.

SmartCrowding (SC) is a real-time decision support tool.The SmartCrowding tool provides an immediate overview of a given situation / indicators at any level in an organization and/ or the environment and aggregates up to the desired level in the organization. This can be an individual enterprise, health region or a national health authority; single or all combined in a hierarchy. For example, from the municipal level via the county and health regions to the highest authority level. The hierarchy is set according to what the clients wants/ needs.

In a Covid-19 situation, you will be able to monitor the number of patients with Covid-19, the number of patients with Covid-19 on ventilators and the number of ventilators in use in total (versus your total capacity). Peak levels and action plans are then set for each hospital/ region/ country on what to do when the resources approach or hit the critical level. This provides easy, real-time monitoring of the situation locally and beyond. Action plans are predefined so that decision makers know what to do when any given level is approached or reached, without having to consult or meet with management before making decisions.

Indicators are predefined according to what is needed to be shown and how the decision protocol is set up. We tailor the tool to fit according to the individual situation at hand. An example could be if the number of infected pr 100 000 in a city or region rises to a predetermined level, a set of actions (pre- determined) is automatically displayed for involved personnel.

The various indicators can be entered manually by a customer organization or retrieved from curve systems and updated, for example, every 5 minutes.

SmartCrowding does not show individual patient data and is an open solution without any backlinks into any curve systems.

Here are a few screen-shots that visualize the tool in a hospital environment. SmartCrowding is used at Stavanger University Hospital as a tool to reduce crowding and our module for Covid-19 is included.

All the data within the SmartCrowding tool is stored and can be used to generate reports in, for example, Excel to be able to see trends. The most important thing, however, is to emphasize that it is a real-time decision support tool.