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Professional In-Home Security & Healthcare Solutions from Safe4 Security Group AS.

As professional Public or Private healthcare provider you can subscribe to our services enabling Secure In-Home monitoring of patients* utilizing modern IoT devices like blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, thermometers, precision weights, continuous glucose meters all running on BLE (Bluetooth) or ZigBee, supporting the Continua standard.

For healthcare service providers our HomeGate AiO will handle all sensors connected to the powerful IoT platform Iotiliti, providing professional monitoring services. We help you tailor IoT solutions, alarm services and analytics to track, trace and optimize events to safeguard health-workers daily routines.

Using advanced analytics to improve automation by event-handling, selected alarms can be monitored, and necessary action taken by our own or other certified ARC – Alarm Receiving Centre with health-qualified personnel assessing the situation and taking necessary action. Like request for ambulance or medics to visit the patient’s address.

In-room and -building environmental characteristics like air quality can easily be monitored by VOC sensors (Volatile Organic Compounds). If thresholds are running below healthy levels patients and relatives can receive alarm-notification in a Smartphone App.

For Public and Private healthcare providers we offer proven solutions for Access Management to the home. Our “KeyFree” system enabling controlled and secure access for health personnel and delivery services under full surveillance tracking all movement and instances, where variations from normal behavior is often a sign of a critical situation.

Healthcare personnel on tight timetables can focus on care and aggregated reports rather than having to worry about connectivity and data collection.

“Sensor and device communication are the most extensive issue in home healthcare solutions”

In order to measure the state of health, sensors are crucial. Even more critical is the lack of communication standards for securing the transmission and handshake between infrastructure and sensors. The lack of standardization is today described as the major obstacle to innovation in welfare technology.

With Covid19 and future similar or worse circumstances The Public Health Sector are facing severe challenges handling the exponential demand for Homecare. Although a booming sector, there are severe challenges due to heightened average age of people living longer in their homes as well as lack of skilled health-workers and municipalities reallocating budgets from nursing homes to the private homes. The lack of Open Standards is also remarkable, here the initiative of Continua is a huge improvement.

To develop healthcare solutions that enable people to stay at home at a significantly lower cost than in institutions, will be one of the greatest challenges for health authorities and politicians in the years to come. We are here to help… https://www.safe4.com/

*services ranked below intensive care.