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Rosberg AS

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Jan Martin Kristiansen


+47 982 32 455

Regulatory Status


Rosberg`s encrypted communication solution solves the compliance challenges related to electronic exchange of personal and health information. Rosberg has received industry recognition being featured in Gartner’s Market Guide for Secure Instant Communication.
Video for the health sector describing the challenge we address and solution

Key features are:
o Communicate end to end encrypted with individuals including video calls, messaging and attachments up to 80 MB size per attachment.
o Communicate end to end encrypted with groups. Create encrypted rooms and invite the users you want to join the room.
o Encrypted communication with email recipients. This ensures that you can communicate in accordance with the Privacy Act if you have an email address for that person.
o Web based system which means that no software installation is required for users.
o Two factor authentication.

Rosberg is a privately held Norwegian Innovation company.To read more click here: https://www.rosberg.com/healthcare
Rosberg`s technology brand is “Verji”, an ancient Norwegian word describing the one who protects.
Rosberg addresses the compliance and security challenges on mobile networks, including eavesdropping and hacking of mobile devices. Rosberg`s core values are Smart, Simple & Solid. We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and this is reflected in our patented technologies which partners often describe as “out of the box thinking”. Our products are simple, ultra-secure and do not require users to behave in any specific way.
Our customers are security conscious corporations and governments, who want to enjoy the freedom and efficiency of today’s mobility, without compromising on security.