Norse Feedback

Solution Provider

Norse Feedback AS

Contact person

Joachim Vie


+47 901 94 300

Regulatory Status

GDPR and the Norwegian "Sikkerhetsnormen" compliant

A broad (20 dimensions) assessment tool for mental health, fully digital for both patient and provider. The measure itself is dynamic and tailors itself to focus on a particular patient’s needs and resources. In practice, Norse Feedback begins with a broad baseline assessment (20+ dimensions) and then adapts for subsequent routine use.

Can be used with inpatient, outpatient care, and very useful on video and phone consultations. In addition, it can be used to monitor patients who cannot meet with providers. The solution is cloud-based and can be set up within 14 days, along with online training. Norse Feedback is founded in extensive research and is reckoned to be one the most promising solutions within mental health care.