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Nordic Brain Tech (NBT) is a Norwegian start-up company from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology and St. Olavs Hospital in Norway. The company was founded in 2019 to commercialize a research-based intervention for treating migraines using remote biofeedback. Our mission is to improve brain health, and our ambitions include treating migraines and other neurological diseases by the use of deep learning. NBT currently focuses on the development of highly individualized technologies for headache sufferers. NBT was established in the wake of several years of research on the digitalization of biofeedback as a treatment for migraine conducted at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway; and the National Advisory Unit on Headaches at St. Olavs University Hospital (Trondheim) since 2015.

NBT comprises a working team of three full-time employed technologists with deep knowledge and interest in medical technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and entrepreneurship. In addition, NBT has a highly diverse and experienced advisory board consisting of medical and technological professionals affiliated with NTNU and/or St. Olavs University Hospital. The advisory board includes, among others, a consultant neurologist with headache expertise, a neuropsychologist with biofeedback and headache expertise and technology entrepreneurs with a long track record of University-based technology transfer and entrepreneurship.

CEREBRI: home-based biofeedback 

CEREBRI is a medical device that combines hardware (two wireless sensors) and a personalized and intelligent biofeedback AI-ML software with a smartphone app. CEREBRI is our revolutionizing solution for prophylactic migraine treatment to bring easier and cost-effective biofeedback therapies to people suffering from migraines. The solution is a self-assisted, home-based, preventive measure, which is personalized through analysis assessment and deep insight of patient evolution. CEREBRI enables remote follow-up from physicians and will become an essential clinical decision support system (CDSS) for doctors to improve therapy and reduce the burden of negative side-effects for the patients, thereby improving the quality of life and decreasing the physical, social, and economic burden of this neurological disorder.

Unique selling points:

  1. Patients will increase their control over their illness by reducing migraine episodes (by 50% fewer) as well as decreasing the need for pharmacological treatment and associated side-effects.
  2. Physicians will get an updated longitudinal overview on patient headaches and enable them to make accurate decisions regarding treatment and medication.
  3. Healthcare providers will significantly reduce financial costs as a result of fewer physical consultations and unnecessary treatments (potential annual costs savings of €11.3billion annually) by offering a telemedicine tool for remote treatment and follow-up.

Brain Twin 
The CEREBRI software contains a logging tool for headaches (a headache diary) where patients log information about headache intensity, duration, location, and symptoms. This headache diary has been launched in the Norwegian market as “Brain Twin” and is available to download on App Store and Google Play. Headache registration is the most important tool in diagnosing and treating headache disorders.