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Background for our Covid-19 solutions:

The COVID-19 pandemic created a large shortage of intensive care beds in the hospitals, respirators, and lack of infection control equipment. The patients got only emergency treatment and the medical staff were dangerously exposed for the virus due to insufficient PPE, unsuitable premises for highly infectious patients and lack of equipment to treat many patients at the same time.

The pandemic made it necessary that large portions of the total capacity of the existing hospitals was reserved for patients with COVID-19. As a result, other types of treatments in the hospitals were cancelled or postponed. Our hospital concept is also aimed at solving this challenge and will thereby serve all kind of diseases and patient groups.

Our following 3 concepts:

  1. «Mobile Hospital for Covid-19». This is a concept based on modules (containers). The idea is to be able to keep people who are infected outside the established hospital buildings while providing them with high quality care and establishing great security for staff. The hospital can be easily moved where needed. The concept is flexible, and the function can easily be rebuilt from infection hospital to full-fledged operating theatres, when needed. This ability can be executed at the same time as the hospital will “stand-by” for future epidemics and pandemics. As full-fledged operating theatres the hospital can serve as extra capacity for other groups of patients. This is important and will be a useful tool for an alternative use, to reduce the long waiting-lists that the current corona pandemic has created.
  2. «Mobile Service Center for Covid-19» This is also a concept based on modules (containers). The purpose is to enable Norwegian municipalities the necessary logistics to test 5% of the population per week, under all weather and climate conditions and at the same time provide the visitors to the test-facilities high level of safety and with high infection protection and safety for the medical staff. The direction of visitors is managed by cameras and special PC software.
  3. «Mobile Service Center “on wheels” ». Following the inquiry from one of Norway’s major Insurance Companies, we have developed a concept where we drive around with a rig to companies with 150 – 300 employees, to test them for Corona virus in the workplace. In this work we cooperate with a local medical center and a local laboratory for analysis of tests.

Environmental and social impact

Our Mobile Hospital is built from modules based on the reuse of existing steel containers. After the need ends for the use of “Mobile Hospital” in one place, the facility will be moved to the next location or may be stored as an Emergency hospital. From a storage or from another location, it can be moved and re-assembled in its entirety. All materials/modules, in addition to the work effort originally incorporated into the Hospital, are reused at the new location, often with a changed purpose. The hospital has a very long service life and can be reused flexibly in many different designs and purposes, repeatedly. In this way, This Project represents a good example of “circular economy” and meets important parts of the UN’s 17 sustainability goals, including targets 3 Health (in particular sub-objectives 3.3 and 3.d), Goals 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (in particular sub-objectives 9.1 and 9.4), Goals 12 Responsible consumption and production (in particular sub-objectives 12.5 and 12.7).

Preparatory work and preparedness

An epidemic spreading across much of the world is called a pandemic. Epidemic is an outbreak of a disease that spreads rapidly between humans. Examples of pandemics include the Spanish disease (1918–1920), the Asian disease (1957–1958), the Hong- Kong disease (1968–1970), HIV and COVID-19 (2019 – ). Epidemics of influenza mean that a new virus occurs and that large parts of the population completely or partially lack immunity to. They act at varying intervals and can have extensive adverse effects health-wise and economically. As we see from the COVID-19 pandemic, this infectious disease cause acute emergencies in high death rates and economic disaster-like conditions.

Planning for a rare event that will occur at some point in the future is difficult, but none the more important to implement. Preparing the public health system and its infrastructure has immediate and lasting benefits, because the treatment capacity of all types of diseases improves.

Mobile Hospital AS has concepts that solves vital parts of such emergency preparedness. It is therefore, in our opinion, of crucial importance for future preparedness, nationally and internationally, that our concepts are built and tested at full scale.

Investment opportunities for suitable investors

With an initial grant from the Kingdom of Norway trough “Innovasjon Norge” we have developed new solutions for the actual COVID 19 pandemics. Our solutions are coherent and “green” with regards to UN’s 17 sustainability goals. Contact us!


1.«Mobile Hospital for Covid-19»

Figure 2 One of three bedposts for 5 COVID-19 patients, in the “Mobile Hospital for Covid-19”

«Mobile Hospital for Covid-19» (Alternative use as operating theatres)

Figure 3 One of the (3) bedpost in “Mobile Hospital for Covid-19”, serving alternative use as operating theatres

2. «Mobile Service Center for Covid-19» (2 testing booths and one Doctors office)

Figure 4 Mobile Hospital Service Center for COVID-19