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Anna Dranvoska


+47 404 83 533

Medsensio offers a system for automatic checkup of breathing.

The solution, which includes an app (Android or iOS), a web-interface, wireless headphones and an off-the-shelf digital stethoscope, provides an automatic interpretation of lung sounds.
It enables health personnel to auscultate the patients safely without compromising the quality of the procedure.

The health professionals can listen to the sounds real-time with wireless headphones, remotely, or later through the app or web platform. The sounds, saved over time, support building up patient’s history of breathing for more targeted treatment and medications.

The algorithms for lung sound analysis are developed and tested in collaboration with UiT, reaching doctor-level performance. The software component of the solution is not CE marked yet, but allows for manual post-validation of the recorded lung sounds by qualified personnel. The stethoscope itself is approved as class 2 medical device and can be used with or without the automatic analysis.