Solution Provider

Jodapro AS

Contact person

Kristil Håland


+47 906 06 433

Regulatory Status

“We comply with GDPR and use the Norwegian Health Net”

We provide secure video between paramedics and doctors at the hospital to ensure faster and more accurate treatment.

With the use of a handsfree voice-enabled video tool, we ensure encrypted video dialogue between less-skilled workers at patients’ bedsides and doctors and experts in clean rooms in the same hospital or other hospitals. Using our tool provides faster and more accurate decision making, thus better care for patients and better use of capacity and competence.
Covid-19 infection control

When capacity is reduced due to virus outbreaks, the need to share knowledge between experts and others is critical. Jodapro has software and hardware that can help mitigate the consequences of quarantining specialists. Today, April 17., we have 120 cameras in stock. After the crisis, the service can be implemented in pre-hospital service according to the model from the Innlandet Hospital Trust. You can apply Jodacare software to any ordinary smartphone and tablet. Contact us about the corona outbreak capacity.