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Current problem:

Significant care and communication gap between doctors and patients is one problem that impedes the healthcare system efficiency. Moreover, Increasing healthcare costs is another important problem for the healthcare system. Specifically, There are unmet communication, data access, and data sharing and management requirements for patients and health professionals.

*Current Covid-19 pandemic has worsened the situation with increased pressure on healthcare systems. The pandemic made this necessary to handle a large volume of patients and management of patient data in an organized way.

Therefore, there is a need for a system/application that provide fast and convenient communication solution; data access and management solution and treatment follow up solution at one place.

Basically, there is a need for a solution that bridges the communication gap between healthcare professionals and patients and within different healthcare departments and should be able to handle and manage large volume of users and data at a time.

Our solution:

Helseboka Pro is a holistic application for advanced communication, follow-up and data management for patients and Health professionals. Basically it is a secure mobile record system for communication through which Patients and caregivers can communicate with therapists and dialogue with several actors simultaneously including patient. Moreover, it provides a secure and fast information and data management solution, along with communication and journal system to health professionals. Our system has capacity to manage a large volume of users and health data in a secure and organized way along with smart communication and secure data sharing.

Key features of our application:

Advance communication system
• Direct chat with patient through own patient app
• Internal communication between health care providers about a patient
• Upload attachments to a chat
• Receive SMS notification for new messages
• Have group conversations for effective interaction about patients

Smart Video-communication System

• Video consultations with opportunities for integration with the journal systems for sending sensitive information in advance of the video consultation
• Supports 4 video participants in same video conference
• 10-50 participants for special customization
• Supports both scheduled video consultations and drop-in consultations where patients wait in a video queue.

Advanced events handling

• Separate calendar showing upcoming events that healthcare professionals must keep in mind
• Possibility to set up an appointment book
• Advanced functions for hours with issuance of forms and other tasks in advance of a patient contact

Smart follow-up of patients

• Unique functions for automated follow-up of patients
• Digital integrated systems for gathering information, consultations or reminders to patients

Secure System

• System ensures security by using Bank-id login
• Provides level-4 security
• I-cloud secure data storage and sharing system
• Complies with Information Security Standard
• ISO-27001 certified
• Norwegian health network approved the system

Build-in quality system

• Integrated quality system available to all employees in clinic/organization
• Build your own form database for use on patients
• Access completed documents to get started

Record- keeping:

• Write or compose journal notes
• Share the document with the collaborator at the touch of a button
• Get notifications when someone shares data with you
• Storage of all types of attachments and documents in patient record

Our solutions regarding Pandemic:

Sudden COVID-19 pandemic put a great pressure on the healthcare system all over the world. Our system has capacity and ability to reduce the volume pressure on healthcare system and enable it to manage in a smart organized way. Our Covid-19 is an example of what the telemedicine tools of the future should be like at international level.

COVID-19 Solution

We offer a complete and new solution for handling patients who want testing and follow-up of potential COVID-19. With the solution, municipal corona testing centers, emergency rooms, medical centers, hospitals and other clinics can now manage direct appointments, registration and follow-up for handling Covid-19 directly from their own website.

• This gives professionals, an opportunity to streamline orders and follow-ups of a higher degree that has never been possible in the past.
• The solution can handle several thousand appointments in one day; handle several test stations with automatic sorting to the correct station.
• The resources can be used for testing instead of staffing the phone and organizing the residents.
• The patients use their own encrypted health cloud to store health information, and this is available through the Helseboka app.

Key features / characteristics

• Direct appointment booking (appointment picking / patient booking).
• Link our own time-book or integrated with other journal systems.
• Automatic registration of health information and infection exposure.
• Automatic triage and sorting for different queues
• Flagging of possible serious and urgent cases
• Automatic note writing and follow-up
• Automated notification to residents / patients
• Integrated with the primary record systems
• Level 4 security
• Follows Norm for information security
• Approved by the Norwegian Health Network

Other features and characteristics

• Distance monitoring
• Handles multiple locations
• Integrated video consultations
• Integrated chat
• Targeted summons to vaccination
• Automated medical history based on database with several thousand diseases.
• Tools to give the patient increased insight into health data and better control over their own health.

Vaccination handling solution
The Helseboka-Pro Vaccine solution offers municipalities, doctors’ offices, pharmacies and other health personnel the market’s most advanced system for summons, appointment booking and follow-up of vaccinations. It enables handling a large number of inquiries easily and reach out fairly to specific risk groups.

Key features:

• Direct patient booking in time-book from website and app
• Support for thousands of patients in the same time-book
• Vaccination hours can be reserved for the risk groups
• Secure delivery of health information directly into all primary health-record systems
• Completed journal note and automated follow-up
• Direct submission to SYSVAK when the note is completed
• Automated tutoring ahead of time
• Mass summons of at-risk patients based on lists from HER
• Smart notifications for selected patient groups