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Haltian Smart Washroom Solutions

Cleaning is labour intensive and it is characterised by time consuming distances between cleaning areas and unpredictable need for supplies and maintenance. Optimizing processes and improving operating efficiency are constant challenges for any facility management team.

Haltian has developed an IoT solution to provide real time information for optimized cleaning operations.

When the workload of cleaning personnel is optimized, the time spent on actual cleaning chores is increased for better customer satisfaction. Our solution is based on smart sensor devices placed in washrooms to measure the consumption of supplies and count the facility usage with visitor counters. Cleaners have applications that inform them about cleaning requirements, as well as requirements to refill any dispensers. Finally, the data can be viewed and analysed in desktop and mobile dashboards.

Good hygiene and efficient cleaning have never been as important as during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With smart IoT solutions in public washrooms good hygiene level and facility infection control are continuously met, as the cleaners can focus their cleaning to used spaces only.

  • Time saved with no unnecessary check ups
  • Cleaning focused on frequently used spaces
  • Always stocked paper and towel dispensers ensure good hand hygiene

Empathic Building 

Empathic Building is a tool Focusing on improving employee wellbeing and happiness​. The Empathic Building digital twin Enables people to find the rights spaces, colleagues and voice their feelings​. It shows relevant, real-time data to the employees in a digital twin to make fast data-driven decisions​.

The Empathic Building is used with an easy-to-use browser-based apps on info screens, workstations and mobile phone​s

With Empathic Building, you can ensure a safe return to the office with desk-booking where you can set minimum and maximum booking times, make fewer desk available in the booking and also mark which desk have been cleaning after the previous use.

The same system can be used for meeting rooms, where you can see real-time data on occupancy, usage levels and cleaning.

Haltian is piloting IoT solutions for sanitation services, read the article here.