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Eirik Henriksveen


+47 481 87 951

Forkbeard, a specialist in ultrasound-based indoor positioning systems (IPS), has developed a contact tracing and social distancing solution in the fight against the global pandemic. Previous experience in healthcare during the Swine Flu epidemic gave relevant insights and background technology for its Covid-19 solution. The company is currently engaged in a strategic partnership with EY, offering its solution to EY’s global client base.

While Forkbeard’s solution is based on Bluetooth Low Energy similar to other contact tracing apps, it solves several of the problems associated with that technology: privacy, accuracy, as well as in-background, screen-off and in-pocket capabilities. Forkbeard’s solution is device agnostic and can be integrated on tags or on iOS and Android smartphones. In addition to contact data, the solution provides the option to integrate surveys for employer health status check-ins. This allows healthcare providers and municipalities to fully focus on what matters most: analyzing data, sanitizing infectious areas and tracing new potential infections within minutes.