Solution Provider

Otivio AS

Contact person

Andreas Mollatt



Regulatory Status

CE marked Class IIa

FlowOx 2.0 is a novel Class IIa Medical Device which improves blood flow to patients’ legs by applying a negative oscillating pressure. It is comfortable, it can be used while patients are at rest and we believe the barrier for regular use is small. It can transiently increase blood flow in lower extremities by about 60% in the small arteries and more than 100% in the capillaries. FlowOx is a noninvasive device enabling patients to treat themselves in their own home.

FlowOx is for patients who suffer from blood flow deficiencies in the lower limbs such as Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD); Diabetic Foot Syndrome but also people with paralysis (spinal cord injured) suffering from pressure uclers and dialysis patients will benefit from using FlowOx™

Listen to Stine’s story and how FlowOx™ changed her life: