Solution Provider


Contact person

Cornelia Kristiansen


+47 90 78 61 96

Regulatory Status

HIPAA, GDPR, BMV-Ä Anlage 31b, NEN 7510, ISO27001, Normen

Confrere offers a video calling tool tailored that is easy to use, safe and tailored for the health sector.

Confrere is a Norwegian startup with employees in several countries, and our video tool is made to fit the needs of health personnel and their patients. It is easy to use, works on all devices and requires no downloads, while still adhering to the strict privacy and security standards of the health sector. We have recently been certified for use in the German health sector, and are now focusing on the German market.

Confrere enabled Norway’s GPs to shift to video consultations almost overnight as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, more than 50% of Norway’s GPs use Confrere regularly. It works regardless of device, language, country, or profession. The organic growth from physicians to therapists, from small offices to hospitals, and from Norway to Europe, demonstrates this.

We have developed our tool in close cooperation with health personnel, and will continue to listen to them as we develop Confrere further.