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Heidi Aabel


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ISO 27001

Patients should not have to go to the hospital unless they really have to!

CheckWare is made specifically for hospitals and clinics that want to provide patient centric care, and that need a secure and complete solution to allow patients to be involved from home.

The idea of CheckWare is to connect the patient from home with the hospital to support clinical work, outcome reporting and clinical research, while at the same time informing, educating and motivating the patient.

We strongly believe that empowering the patient will lead to improved efficiency and quality within the health services.

By using CheckWare health professionals get help with prioritizing treatments and to prevent unnecessary visits at the clinic or at the patient’s home. Patients can report their status from home and get individually tailored educational content while staying safely at home. If needed, the patient and health professionals can communicate through messages and video.

CheckWare is a leading provider of solutions enabling digital healthcare. We are an international software company that has taken a leading position in solutions for digital patient participation. We enable patients to actively participate in their own treatment through digital assessments, remote monitoring, and online treatment programs.

With CheckWare, manual and paper-based routines and diagnostic-specific solutions are replaced with a complete digital solution that can be adapted to any care pathway and integrated with other clinical systems such as electronic patient record systems (EPR).


CheckWare is a secure, reliable, and proven solution as an all-in-one toolbox for patient centric care with:

  • More than 1100 copyrighted questionnaires and ePROMs
  • Support for self-made questionnaires and educational content
  • Integrated IOT devices and apps
  • Support for any specialty care pathway within the same solution
  • Support for individual adapted patient involvement
  • Flexible system integrations through APIs