Accessibility to testing of a medical device is crucial throughout product development and life cycle maintenance.

Both non-clinical and clinical testing might be relevant. During development you might need testing of certain parameters to verify functional performance as stated in your design goals or you might need stress testing, shelf life testing biocompatibility testing.

Nordic Proof is a network of testing facilities that gives you access to the experts who will be the end user of your product. The consortium has extensive competence within testing and integration of healthcare solutions in clinics and for patient dialogue tools. Partners of Nordic Proof are Nordic Medtest, Danderyd Hospital, The intervention Center at Oslo University Hospital, Helsinki University Hospital, Norwegian Smart Care Lab, Sunnaas Hospital, Oulu HealthLabs, VihTek. You can find more information about Nordic Proof HERE.

We help our members secure testing sites, connect to labs and research personnel across Norway. We encourage uptake of innovative solutions by opening up the procurement processes. Norway Health Tech facilitates market dialogue and partnering processes. We work closely with all medical areas and help the Norwegian health care services to identify their needs and drive processes to involve industry in development and scaling of solutions that fit to the real need of the professionals.

There are several service providers being members of Norway Health Tech. You can find them on our website HERE.

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Nordic Proof

We have established a network of professional and efficient test facilities that actively contribute to business development in the Nordic healthcare sector.

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The Intervention Centre: Testbed for future technologies in medicine

With new ways to look in to the body or even visualize what’s inside as a hologram from the outside, the Intervention Centre performs advanced minimally invasive surgery. For medtech companies eager to test their solution in real life this unit serves as a gateway to the Hospital.

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All relevant stakeholders in healthcare can become a part of Norway Health Tech’s growing community. The cluster has a need-driven approach to our collaboration and innovation initiatives, and cater to both the public and the private sectors to solve healthcare needs. By becoming a member, you can tap into a wealth of information, funding opportunities, a national and international network of experts and resources as well as a number of relevant events and programs.

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