The Oslo Science Academy

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Hanna Mårtensson, Course Manager,
E: hanna@forskningsparken.no
T: +47 998 96 926 | +47 22 95 85 00

Stay curious.

Life-long learning at Oslo Science Park!

Does one ever really stop learning? Hopefully not you! Outside of ourselves the pace and direction of change are developing and adapting-sometimes faster then you can keep up with on your own. Fortunately, in Oslo Science Park you can take engaging courses that sharpen your current skillset, expand your knowledge horizon, and aid in your career development among other things.

At Norway Health Tech , we think that taking part in the course offerings of Forskningsparken Academy will assist in your company’s journey, whatever your mission. Wherever you are, it is never not time to flourish, whether it is on a personal level or business level. Check out the full program here, click the photos below for program details of upcoming courses and events.

The academy works with some of Norway’s leading science and innovation institutions, teachers and educational establishments.