Post COVID19 Solutions

Contact info

Head of International Affairs: Trine.Radmann@norwayhealthtech.com

Medical Advisor: Irene.Chelliah@norwayhealthtech.com

How do we react in a world overcome by COVID-19 and the aftermath of a pandemic? This is the key question that is driving Norway Health Tech to connect the strong health innovation ecosystem present in Norway to the rest of the world.

Outline and background

More than a year after the onset of the COVID19 pandemic we are beginning to look forward into a new future. In a themed series of events, Norway Health Tech together with experienced experts will identify the newly arisen needs in the aftermath of the pandemic. We are focusing on long term effects the pandemic has on society and what new challenges and needs this brings for the healthcare systems around the globe. Sustainable solutions and a heightened level of preparedness are now more important than ever.

The immediacy of COVID-19, its impact on resources, its care interruptions, and the personal trauma it causes- all these aspects are seen in varying degrees of severity around the world and require ongoing alleviation. Norway Health Tech wishes to convey this, by keeping its doors open to solutions and products for the long-term consequences of the pandemic. We wish for no stone to be left unturned and urge those companies who have yet to contact us to contribute their creative solutions and join forces with us so we can make a meaningful impact in the fight against COVID-19.

International collaboration

We will identify the regional, national and international challenges that have arisen as long-term effects of an ongoing pandemic. International collaboration will both be informative and inspiring. Our goal is to find Norwegian solutions for international needs, and to arrange a cross-border matchmaking session to help companies find potential new business partners.



Early November: Roundtable – experience exchange

In this kick-off event we will invite experts from 15 different regions around the globe to share insight on the long-term challenges the COVID19 pandemic has brought on.

Norway Health Tech has previously worked together with many international markets and will invite them again to tell us what they have learned and what they are expecting for the future.

Topics will include but are not limited to:

  • Preparedness for possible future pandemics
  • Future development of healthcare
  • Demand for new forms of services and care solutions.
  • Elderly care and the effects of isolation on the mental abilities of the elderly
  • Mental health:
    • Burnout
    • School dropouts
    • Isolation
    • Refusal to return to office after homeoffice


Late November: Webinar – post COVID19 solutions

After having identified the global challenges that have arisen in the aftermath of the ongoing pandemic, we ask companies to present their solutions to these challenges. The webinar will be composed of pitches which are grouped together by the following topics:

  • Preparedness for possible future pandemics
  • Development of services and care solutions in response to new demands
  • Mental health of the working population
  • Mental health of the elderly

International companies welcome!


Early December: International Demoday (online event)

Do you want your solution featured across different Norwegian hospitals? Do you want acceleration in your growth and sale? Do you want your solution featured across different parts of the world? Would you like to make connections in new international markets with your COVID-19 solution or product? Are you ready to meet health experts and pitch your solution and product this fall?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, sign up for the International Demoday with a short briefing of your solution!

International companies very welcome!


January: Matchmaking session – B2B partners

We are all stronger together! It is therefore important to find reliable and resourceful partners for your company. Are you interested in finding a perfect match for your post-COVID19-solution? Sign up for this matchmaking session with a short briefing of your solution!


We urge you to contribute your creative solution and join forces with us so we can make a meaningful impact in the fight against COVID-19. Solutions and products for the short-term and long-term consequences of the pandemic need visibility now. Let us work together for a better future.


This project is currently in the early stages of planning and this page aims to portrait an outline of our goals. Sign-up will open soon!

Stay informed – get in touch! Trine.Radmann@norwayhealthtech.com Irene.Chelliah@norwayhealthtech.com