NH2 Helse

Project partners

Norwegian Smart Care Cluster
Norway Health Tech
Project leader Rannveig Finsveen, Helseinn

Funding partners

Norwegian Innovation Clusters

This is a Hub-node pilot with Helseinn, Norwegian Smart Care Cluster and Norway Health Tech as collaborating partners.

Vision: Together we create a market of possibilities for the Norwegian Health industry

Mission: NH2 Helse shall strengthen the Norwegian Health industry and their export possibilities through expanding established collaborative meeting points and to connect the health sectors needs with solutions from the companies

Main goal: To enable more companies to take their products to the market faster. To help companies with a marked ready product to scale their products to a national- and international market. And to facilitate networking and matchmaking.


Main Goals:

  1. Faster market access for the companies
  2. To implement methods for user involvement in test and development activities
  3. Increase the use of FoU as a part of the companies’ value creation strategy
  4. Secure that more solutions reach the international health market
  5. A strengthened ecosystem and network

Project period: 01.01.2022- 31.12.22. With possibilities for extension up to two more years.