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Anita Moe Larsen

Phone: +47 416 06800

Norway Health Tech is one of 4 main sponsors of the Norwegian Pavilion when Norway is the Guest of Honor Country at the Frankfurt bookfair in October 2019. We will invite partners and up to 15 companies to join the journey towards the bookfair with all the publicity, PR and opportunities this entails.

You might ask yourself “why are you sponsoring this event”? It might not be obvious, but the fact is that Germany and Norway can solve health challenges for the German people together. And this is the year to do so. Norway is, through being the Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt bookfair, getting more attention in Germany than ever. There are activities going on in all sectors, putting Norway on the map, physically for some and mentally for all, and this gives us a unique opportunity.

The project is about attention and media/PR  opportunities, getting attention to what the Norwegian health industry can deliver. This will lead to meetings with key opinion leaders, healthcare professionals and other key stakeholders.

We are looking for companies that would like to be part of the project. Either as a partner or as a company. We have identified three issues that present a challenge for  the German healthcare institutions and society:

    • Grow older with dignity and safety (homecare)
    • Patient safety in institutions
    • Efficient and cost effective solutions that give health personnel more time with the patients

The companies that find they have solutions to tackle the above mentioned challenges can join (limited number). All challenges will be addressed in press releases, articles, through feature articles, in press conferences and so on – all illustrated by stories from our companies.

Do you want to know more? The sooner you join, the more value you will get from the media opportunities.  Please contact Anita






(this project is a part of Norway Health Tech’s focus on the German market. If you want to know what else we are doing – check out our Germany page!)