Project partners

Norway Health Tech, Norway
Berlin Partner, Germany
Campania BioScience, Italy
Cap Digital, France
Cluster de Salud de Castilla y Leon BIOTECYL, Spain
Eurob Creative, Spain
Health ClusterNET, United Kingdom
Interizon Foundation, Poland

Funding partners

European Union Horizon 2020 programme

Contact info

Sergio Ferreira, Project Manager

INNOLABS aims at fostering collaboration, transfer of knowledge and opportunities among SMEs from different countries and sectors to develop, improve and deliver disruptive technologies on mHealth, personalized healthcare and ageing populations.

The project will deliver the keys to unlocking the potential of SMEs via 3 main objectives:

• Test and validate optimal support measures for taking merged ICT and biomedical research products and services to market by comparing measures for traditional value chains with new fast lane measures.

• Increase the competitiveness of SMEs by using targeted support mechanisms that generate added value encompassing expert knowledge, new partnerships and market optimisation of products

• Secure new funding streams to facilitate sustainable cycles of collaborative innovation by SMEs.

INNOLABS will select more than 100 innovative project ideas to accelerate and further support monetarily and with innovation services.