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2019 will be the kick-off year for our focus in Germany. We have several projects started, now we need you onboard. Please read more about each initiative and get in contact if you want to know more.

Berlin and Munich

Krankenhaus Karawane is a Nordic project targeting Germans hospitals in Berlin and Munich. The project is based on four strongholds; Sustainable hospitals, Smart digital solutions, Welfare technology and Personalized care.

4 main happenings

1st. Berlin: The Nordic embassies in Berlin hosts a full-day conference focusing on Digitalization, Emergency care, Personalized Care & Telehealth.

The invited guests will be decision-makers from the leading German hospitals e.g. Charité, Asklepios etc. and hospitals organizations, health insurances, politicians, public authorities & scientists. The invited guests are important in regard to opening doors to the German healthcare market.  We expect around 100 relevant German guests to participate.

2nd. Flying Health: Site visit at the Flying Health Incubator in Berlin. This incubator works closely with industry leaders as they find their footing in the digital healthcare industry, and they have partners dedicated to driving innovation. The aim of visiting the Flying Health Incubator is to introduce the companies to a market opportunity within innovation and future trends in German healthcare.

Transport to Munich

3rd: The meeting program in Munich has the purpose of connecting relevant German stakeholders and partners to the companies. The German partners are either door openers or direct partners to market access for the companies and therefore important to know.  The goal is also to educate the companies about opportunities or difficulties in the German health sector. The meeting partners will for example be health insurances, purchase organizations and university hospital, who are all very important partners when entering the German market.

2nd. Munich. Draft program activitities

  • Introduction to the German healthcare System
  • Health Insurance (eg. Barmer)
  • Meeting with the association “Patient representative” (Patientenvertretungen)
  • Introduction to the purchase system in Germany by ABZ (
  • Networking lunch
  • Meeting with a purchase organisation i.e. PEG
  • Krankenhaus der Zukunft – Hospital 4.0. What to expect of the future.  https://www.iml.fraunhofer.de/de/abteilungen/b3/ health_care_logistics/studie-krankenhauszukunft.html
  • Site visit at Klinikum Rechts der Isar (University hospital) https://www.mri.tum.de/
  • Networking Dinner

4th. The academia tracks main point is public private partnerships and funding opportunities for the companies in research focused collaboration projects. The focus will be on public private partnerships in research and innovation projects between the Nordic countries and Germany, with focus on research questions within a specific theme. One of these themes can be Personalized Health Care. A part of this track is also funding opportunities and discussion on joint projects with participants from Nordic countries and Germany.

The project creates an open platform for companies to showcase solutions and experiences. Furthermore, the Nordic participants get an insight in the German academic and innovative health settings. Meetings with German health stakeholders give the companies possibilities for a direct dialogue with potential partners.

Total cost: 26 000 NOK pr. Company + traveling and lodging.

Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

National Conference on Health Economy, June 12 & 13 in Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

The National Conference on Health Economy and the focus from the Norwegian side will be on initiation of cooperation, building networks, exchange of experiences and present projects. The companies participating will get help to connect to hospitals and other collaborators in the region of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. BioCon Valley is the cluster Norway Health Tech is collaboration with on this conference, and the Norwegian Embassy in Berlin is conducting a reception for the Norwegian Health Tech companies participating.

Cost: Traveling and lodging

Hamburg and Frankfurt

Hamburg and Frankfurt

Norway Health Tech has applied funding from Oslo Municipality and Akershus county to make an acceleration program to Hamburg and Frankfurt in 2019. The aim is to develop further contacts and relations in the hospital sectors and to work with the already established collaborators to visit hospitals and health institutions in Hamburg and Frankfurt during the program. The soon as Oslo and Akershus have decided on the funding, Norway Health Tech will start the acceleration program into Germany.

The programs in Hamburg and Frankfurt are suitable for mature companies ready to scale and for less mature companies that are looking for R&D collaboration etc.

Norway Health Tech will use the German market experts that we already have connected with, to work out a fruitful program for each of the companies participating.

We will come back with additional information about the program as soon as the funding is finalized.

Cost: Traveling and lodging


Nordic Innovation project Digital Health & Care 4.0

Nordic Innovation project Digital Health & Care 4.0 supports Nordic SME’s to bring Nordic health tech and digital care to the German market. The project enrolls companies from all five Nordic countries through cluster-to-cluster collaboration, and provides a structured path guiding companies from initial introduction to the German market.

For companies that want to learn more or get involved in Digital Health & Care 4.0, please contact Senior Consultant Karen Lindegaard, Welfare Tech, T.  +45 2461 1931, karli@welfaretech.dk.

Norway Health Tech is not a part of this project, but we promote the project to broaden the possibilities for our members.

Cost: 30 000 nok + Traveling and lodging