Why being a part of a national network such as Norway Health Tech, Medtronic?

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We are excited about every member that joins Norway Health Tech. One that joined late 2021 was Medtronic Norway and we had a digital chat on the importance of joining networks to work towards common goals. We had a short chat with Gunnar Mørne, Head of Strategic Partnerships.

“For us at Medtronic Norway, becoming a member of Norway Health Tech was a strategic and natural choice. We believe in partnerships, and for more than 70 years, Medtronic has been a leader in innovative medical technology, well guided by our mission to contribute to the patient’s best interests.

Medtronic insulin pump in use (photo: Medtronic)

The challenge picture we see ahead is extensive. Therefore, we believe that good collaboration across the board, just as Norway Health Tech works, will be a key to good and improved health services also in the future. We also want to contribute to the health technology industry being as strong as we need it to be to realize the healthcare system of the future. Then we must all pull together in the right direction. Organizations such as Norway Health Tech and other interest organizations help to define this direction.”

Thank you, Gunnar!

About Medtronic globally: Medtronic has an ambition to be the global leader in healthcare technology. With our 90,000 employees and 70 years of experience in developing medical technology and equipment, we are well on our way there. Research and development are a big part of our DNA, and Medtronic’s innovation capacity results in many new and improved technologies.

About Medtronic Norway: A fun fact for Norway is that the worldwide big Medtronic was founded by a Norwegian-American – Earl Bakken. It actually means something for us on a daily basis. We have now new premises at Skøyen and are about 60 people in the Norwegian organization, which is part of a larger Nordic company with about 500 people. Medtronic Norway supplies a lot of medical technology and equipment to Norwegian hospitals and other healthcare providers.

For our customers, we want to be a strategic and important partner. Contributing to the health services, for example, becoming more data-driven, increasing their pace of innovation and continuously improving patient care are some of the elements found in a partnership with us. Such partnerships often involve our Integrated Health Solutions division. They support our partners with services that extend beyond equipment, and that can help optimize the balance between costs and availability of treatment.

For more information, please see Medtronic Norway’s website.

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