Signing of agreement with Synapse: Making Canada a very desirable market for Norwegian health tech

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Norway Health Tech visited Canada last week as part of the delegation of the minister of health and care, Mr Bent Høie. The purpose of the visit to Canada was to learn from the Canadian healthcare industry and see what it will take to build a sustainable business for this in Norway.

Cooperation is the key of any successful cluster and Norway Health Tech, as the largest health cluster in Norway, has always brought people and organizations together to learn, evolve, develop, produce and succeed. Only by building on each other’s strengths can we grow and prosper.

The minister of health and care is a big supporter of this way of thinking, and was therefore delighted to initiate the signing of a letter of intent between the Canadian cluster Hamilton Synapse Life Science Cluster (Synapse) and Norway Health Tech.

The agreement between the two clusters aims to identify and accelerate opportunities for collaboration between Norwegian and Canadian health tech companies, hospitals, test facilities and researchers in the coming months.

Ted Scott (Synapse), Minister of health and care Bent Høie and Kathrine Myhre (Norway Health Tech).

Both Synapse and Norway Health Tech will provide non-financial support to facilitate market entry efforts, including facilitating introductions and connections with key stakeholders in their respective clusters.

Canada is a market of big opportunities for Norwegian companies. The similarities, although not in size, are there as well as competence, network and willingness for cooperation.

“We are truly excited to sign this letter of intent and to contribute to further strengthening of the Canada-Norway cooperation” CEO of Norway Health Tech, Kathrine Myhre, says. Several Norwegian companies have already started, with Ably Medical being in the lead. They have signed agreements with four Canadian hospitals that are ready to test their innovative hospital bed.

“This is just a start of what we can accomplish with two major clusters joining forces. I am very excited about the future”, Kathrine sums up.

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