Norway Health Tech is applying for Siva support to realise the Digital Health Catapult Centre

May 4, 2018

Norway Health Tech is in collaboration with Norwegian Smart Care Cluster applying for support from Siva to establish the Digital Health Catapult Centre. We have been selected as one of 11 projects, to submit a stage 2 proposal by May 14th 2018.

Our aim is to establish a facility for testing, verification and deployment of digital solutions for the healthcare sector. This includes e-health solutions for more efficient work processes, welfare technology that enables self-treatment and distant care, digital tools for prevention, diagnostics and decision support, in addition to technological solutions that enables personalized follow-up and medicine. The users of the center will be both public health services like hospitals and municipalities and the health industry.

The background for this project and proposal are divided into three parts:

  • Companies that develop digital health solutions that have a need to test and verify their solutions in save and realistic environments.
  • Solutions that are being develop and the healthcare services are using should be adapted to patients and user needs in a satisfying way.
  • Special and primary care have the need to verify that the solutions that they are procuring are compliant with given standards, regulations and specifications, and give the expected effect in service delivery.

The target group for this facility is both companies that develop and deliver solutions to the Norwegian and international healthcare market and their customers: special and primary healthcare and the population. To establish such a facility we depend on engagement and support form out network.

If you are interested in more information about the Digital Health Catapult Centre, and would like to sign up as a partner/user and support the project by a Letter of Support, please contact Mette Aastad for more information.