Nordic Proof partner Nordic Medtest complements clinical testbeds with healthcare IT testbed services

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Nordic Proof is a network of testing facilities that gives you access to the experts who will be the end user of your product. The consortium has extensive competence within testing and integration of health solutions in clinics and for patient dialogue tools.

One of the partners of Nordic Proof is Nordic Medtest AB in Karlstad, Sweden. They are a little different as they are not a clinic or hospital. While other Nordic Proof partners offer world-class clinical testbeds for such purposes, the Nordic Medtest testbed services complement them by offering testing and quality assurance of healthcare digital solutions and IT infrastructure.

So, we sat down with the Nordic Proof contact at Nordic Medtest, Jörgen Larsson, and it was an enthusiastic testing-expert we met:

Software must also be tested form an IT point of view, says Jörgen Larsson from Nordic Medtest AB

– For an innovator utilizing the Nordic Proof testbed offerings it is crucial that a product idea or an MVP (minimum viable product) can be tested from several viewpoints, he says. It must not only be tested from a clinical aspect but must also be tested to be safe and useful from an IT point of view. And this is where Nordic Medtest AB comes into the picture, among the Nordic Proof partners. Nordic Medtest AB provides test-related services to regions, municipalities, administrative authorities, private healthcare providers, suppliers and innovators. The services are provided throughout all phases of an IT-system lifecycle.

Nordic Medtest focus mainly on interoperability, usability, information security and laws & regulations.

You can read more about their services HERE.

And in case you wondered – Nordic Medtest AB is certified according to ISO27001 and ISO9001 standards. It is a subsidiary of Inera AB (since January 2017), which in its turn is owned by all Swedish regions, municipalities and SALAR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) and has approximately 40 employees.

Feel free to contact Jörgen Larsson by e-mail.

For Nordic Proof: https://www.nordicproof.org







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